Best Portable Cell Phone Charger On The Market

As the reality that smart phones are here to stay and land lines are rapidly on the way out, it is extremely important for smart phone users to find cell phone battery chargers that are reliable and allow for as much usage time as possible before it’s time to recharge. The lifespan of a portable cellphone charger¬†is the deciding factor for many consumers, and the past year has shown vast improvements in charge times. Due to the frightening reports last year of a woman who died due to her smart phone causing electrocution while she talked on it while it was in the charger, the demand for a quick and safe charger is high. Fortunately, there is an amazing product coming to the market that fully charges smart phones in 30 seconds, and consumers cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Storedot is the mastermind behind the battery. Storedot has already displayed the battery at technology conferences and the demonstrations speak for themselves. Demonstrations of this amazing charger proved that this is not hype, the battery moves currents at an extremely high speed, literally leaving current battery chargers in the dust. You can find this charger here on

One of the top complaints revolving around multimedia devices and smart phones is the frustratingly long charge times, followed by the minimal lifespan of the phone once the battery is charged.¬† Storedot states that the technology used to create this lightning fast battery is referred to as “nanodots.” Made from organic ingredients, nanodots are two nanometers long and truly pack a punch. In addition to rapid charging, the nanodots have a natural glow that may be utilized as a natural display illuminator in the future.

The only downfall to the nanodot charger is that it is similar to current smart phone chargers in the sense that it needs to be charged multiple times. However, the positive aspects definitely outweigh the multiple charge aspect and the reality is that even though the battery requires multiple charges, the quick charge time definitely shaves off overall time in the long run.

The battery has not hit the market yet, because it is still in the design stages. The CEO of Storedot, Doron Myersdorf, is optimistic for the battery and believes it will be available to consumers within the next two years. So far, Storedot has proved that their battery is lightning fast as well as eco-friendly, so it is only a matter of time before it is successfully charging phones worldwide and resulting in many happy customers.

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